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Compact contemporary extension to Victorian Terrace in West Malling


The brief was to extend a classic Victorian Terrace to create an open-plan kitchen along with valuable storage space within a compact area. 


In this instance the house was what you would expect from a typical Victorian Terrace; a long narrow floor plan with rooms to one side served by a hallway running the length of the house to a kitchen located at the back. With the kitchen being narrower than the rest of the house there was an opportunity to create an 'in-fill' extension, effectively squaring off the house. That being said, extending an already elongated floor plan can cause spaces to become dark as natural light sources move further away. 


Despite having only 8 square meters of additional space, we were able to create an open-plan kitchen that maximised the space provided valuable storage whilst being bright & open, connecting to the garden. By introducing a fully glazed roof to the extension allowed natural light to pour into the kitchen as well as providing light into the inner rooms ensuring no space became dark as a result of the extension. Through considered planning and contemporary design, we were able to create an addition that made an impact far greater than its size.

West Malling Victorian Terrace Extension
Victorian Terrace Floor Plans
Victorian Terrace Side Extension
Victorian Terrace Cross Section
Victorian Terrace CAD Section
Victorian Terrace Feasibility Proposal
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