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Bay Cottage

A contemporary extension designed to make a statement in Wrotham


We were approached by the client with the desire to create an extension that would make a bold design statement utilising contemporary materials. With a desire to use metal cladding, the design would be a juxtaposition to the existing house that was built of traditional materials and was once a shop.


Using rudimental forms inspired by industrial design, the project took shape as an elongated vessel, clad in zinc, with selective glazing that would direct the eye and frame the view. 


Internally the irregular layout was split over various levels creating rooms lacking purpose and functionality. With this, we were challenged to rationalise the space resulting in the removal of partition walls and the creation of an open-plan communal space that flowed into the garden. 


From the Designer, ‘With a large expanse of South facing glazing, it was important to address solar gain and create a design that would reduce overheating in the summer and would harness solar heat in the winter. By using sun-path analysis testing the design at various times throughout the year we were able to design an efficient and sustainable space without compromising on appearance.’

Bay Cottage 3D Concept Render
Bay Cottage Rendered Elevations
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