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Extension to a traditional country home in Mereworth with an emphasis on forming a connection to the grounds and creating a home that embodies classic rural design paired with modern comforts - Complete


Our brief was to extend a picturesque country house to accommodate the whole family all the while retaining its charm & character. The priority for the design was to allow as much natural light as possible to flood the space, with a strong emphasis on family spaces that facilitated comfort, hobbies and work.
From the Designer, ‘This is an exciting project for us as it facilitates so many of our ideals; the importance of natural light on our well being, & the value of family spaces, for both social & quiet times.’
‘With an emphasis on natural light, we set about orientating the rooms according to the orientation of the site towards the sun; the breakfast room features oversized floor to ceiling doors looking East for the morning sun, the Kitchen & large open plan areas face South utilising solar gains to help heat the space in the winter months, & the piano room looks West towards the stables for the setting of the evening sun.’

Cobdene Site Photograph.jpg
1932 Cobdene Initial Hand Sketches
1932 Cobdene Early Concept Sketch
1932 Cobdene Concept Elevations
1932 Cobdene Progress 01
1932 Cobdene Progress 02
1932 Cobdene Progress 03
1932 Cobdene Progress 04
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