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Dry Hill Park Road

Renovation of distinctive property in the prominent setting of Dry Hill Park Road in the Conservation Area of Tonbridge, ensuring the exquisite building is returned to its former prestige. - Planning Approved


Demonstrating a delicate touch as a result of being within the Conservation Area, we were asked to convert the expansive loft space as well as addressing a number of the existing rooms that needed altering to accommodate the families needs.

Working with existing buildings is often a challenge, and with the number of internal level changes and an absence of modern insulation, this project was no exception. With this in mind, we looked to create an improved level of comfort throughout by introducing insulation, removing narrow walkways, and regularising compact spaces previously without purpose.

Something we were passionate about protecting is the original features that made the house so impressive, such as the various chimney stacks that perforate the loft space. Instead of simply removing these elements we designed a layout that works with the building and not against it, respecting the Conservation Area and maintaining the external appearance of the house locating windows out of view of the public realm where possible.

Tunbridge Wells Dry Hill Park Red Brick Detail
Dry Hill Park Rd Street View
Dry Hill Park Rd Gable Elevation
Dry Hill Park Rd Elevations
Dry Hill Park Rd Loft
Dry Hill Park Rd Loft Space
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