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The Humble Blue Gum Tree

Growing to an average height of 45 meters, one tree yields around 16,000 page

Example Practice



ICON Tree Colour.png
ICON Tree Colour.png
ICON Tree Colour.png
ICON Tree Colour.png





ICON Tree Colour.png

*Larger scale prints calculated in comparable A4 sheets

** Example Practice based on previous experience in the industry


The path to a more sustainable environment

At JRD we are focused on working towards a greener future by delivering energy-efficient projects through economic design & the latest technology.


The EcoHub will feature articles on sustainability ranging from how you can improve your homes energy efficiency, how considering the environment is good for your wallet as well as the planet, and exploring new sustainable technologies. Take a look at our blog posts below for more information.




The smallest changes can make a big difference! In the studio, we employ a paperless policy reducing the amount of paper, ink, and energy used.


An average residential project uses over the equivalent of 2,250 A4 sheets of paper! That includes admin, agendas, markups, tenders & drawings.


If a small practice took on two projects a month for one year, they would produce over 50,000 sheets of paper! the equivalent of 3.4 trees! Here at JRD taking on the same projects, we would use 0.1 trees, Go Us! 


This small change is one of the many ways we at JRD are determined to make a big difference.

Forest icon designed by Freepik from Flaticon

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