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Hurst House

Conversion of outbuildings and landscaping to a prestigious estate in Penshurst formerly part of the Swaylands Estate - Concept Stage


We were approached to work on a property that consists of a number of buildings that once served Swaylands with a view to converting a number of the ancillary outbuildings including a jail, butchers, and cattle shed, into accommodation for the enjoyment of the main house.

As well as this, the design will look to create other additions including a loggia providing shelter for outside dining, renovating the existing 18-meter orangery, and introducing a sunken outdoor tennis court.

Being located within the grounds of a Listed Building, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Green Belt, and Parks & Gardens of Special Historic Interest, this is one of our most challenging projects and one we are very excited to be involved in.

2136 Hurst House Vista.jpg
2136 Hurst House Approach
2136 Hurst House Courtyard
2136 Hurst House Survey
2136 Hurst House Armchairs
2136 Hurst House Greenhouse
2136 Hurst House Perspective L
2136 Hurst House Grounds P
2136 Hurst House Patio
2136 Hurst House Garden Ornament
2136 Hurst House Window
2136 Hurst House Jail Bars
2136 Hurst House Jail
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