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Lunsford Lane

Multiple projects along a traditional residential road in the heart of Larkfield demonstrate a range of simplistic single-storey rear extensions which are a popular and affordable way of creating additional space


We are often contacted by homeowners who have a set budget and a clear intention of creating additional space and addressing internal layouts which are restrictive or not suited to modern living. 

Where space is at a premium, like so many traditional residential areas, single-storey rear extensions are a great and affordable way of creating additional space whilst enhancing the existing flow of the house, and where possible capitalising on 'Permitted Development' rights which allow extensions of a certain size & design to be built without requiring prior planning approval.

When asked 'how much does a standard extension cost', our response is 'no two extensions are the same', which is true! People use their homes in unique ways, and where one person may seek a contemporary open-plan space that looks to make a statement, another may seek a secluded retreat in the style of the original house. It is this variety that makes each project unique and such a joy for us.


Lunsford Ln Project A
Lunsford Ln Project B
Lunsford Ln Project C
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