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Mill Lane

Contemporary re-cladding of a rural riverside house with green roof & living wall, along with internal alterations in Wateringbury

The brief was a challenging one; how to add a contemporary appearance to an existing house that is presently fragmented without looking contrived? The existing house is distinct in that the roof pitch is different on either side creating four unique elevations, as well as possessing a number of outbuildings at varying height & orientation to the house.

With a view to bringing rationale to the site, we looked at ways of how introducing a primary material would help address the outbuildings appearing isolated together with creating continuity to the house. The introduction of contemporary materials must be approached with caution, not only from a planning perspective but also for how the new materials will affect the existing.

We worked closely with the client in selecting the appropriate material that will become the champion of the design, re-cladding the primary facade & upper levels, as well as being used throughout the site helping to reclaim the previously disjointed outbuildings. In comparison, the internal works were relatively straight forward, helping to create functional & open spaces that improved the flow of the house.

From the Designer, ‘The decision to use Charred Accoya came after much experimentation but has settled easily into the scheme. The process of charring wood helps to not only create a beautifully tactile surface that will change in time but also helps to seal the wood making it more durable. This offered a contemporary twist to the typical black weatherboarding synonymous to Kent as well as offering a familiar material that would sit comfortably within its surroundings, pairing old & new seamlessly.’

Mill Lane Rendered Site Plan.jpg
Mill Lane Materials Palette
Mill Lane Rendered Elevation
Mill Lane Rendered Site Plan
Mill Lane Boundary Treatment
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