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Architect@Work LDN

We attend the Architect@Work exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane where plenty of suppliers, Architects, & press were in attendance to discuss the latest topics & products in the profession. These were our highlights ...

1. The Layout

The unique layout of the exhibition was created by ‘C4’. The careful considered arrangement ensures optimal contact between exhibitors & visitors as guests are led through a series of rooms formed by floor to ceiling black curtains creating intimate spaces. Transitory spaces are treated like lounges encouraging people to sit, discuss, explore. A simple intervention, incredibly effective.

2. Air Ink by Graviky

An outstanding product that captures air-air-pollution through pilot trials of Kaalink, & other pollution sources, they repurposed carbon rich pollutants into tools for art. Over the last three years they have tested & perfected their product to a stunning result.

3. Amazonia Tiles

This range of Amazonia tiles by Colorker transport you to a tropical jungle. Beautiful!

4. Art Work

Following the restoration of a seventeenth-century flower pyramid, one of the most prized pieces in the Rijksmuseum, designers were asked to produce a number of ‘ornamental vases’ taking inspiration from the original. The result was five stunning pieces that kept within the dimensions of the original.

5. Little Greene paints

British paint manufacturer, Little Greene, put up a mesmeric display at the Architects @ Work London. Fantastic!

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