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Rose's Tea Barns

Transforming two rural barns in Chalk into a charming country style Tea Room with spaces for events and learning facilities for the use of the Church, a beautiful grade II* listed building, and the community it serves - Planning Approved


We were approached with the challenge of converting two timber barns into a Tea Room with learning facilities & office spaces to be used by the Church. Given the scenic location, it is easy to see the appeal of these two charming buildings, although, beneath the service, each structure requires considerable attention to bring them up to a standard suitable for comfortable use all year round.
The proposal looks to merge the two barns on the lower level via a lightweight link; this will not only allow light to penetrate deep into the service area but will also retain the appearance of an assemblage of outbuildings, as it is presently. On the upper levels, the classrooms will each feature a steeply vaulted ceiling lit from either end creating open & bright spaces.
With previous experience of working on restaurants across England, as well as several educational facilities, we were well placed to offer an insight into what will be required to maximise the space & bring it up to a standard suitable for hospitality. The site has great potential, & it is difficult not to fall for the melancholy setting. As a believer in restoring instead of replacing, as well as a lover of tea, this was a project we were excited to be involved in.

Rose's Tea Barns
2006 Roses Tea Barns Aerial Plan
2006 Rose's Tea Barns Site
2006 Roses Tea Barns Elevations
2006 Roses Tea Barns Floor Plan
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