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The Granary

New build luxury barn in West Malling combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create a timeless home - Complete


Situated on the outskirts of West Malling, the site is located on a farm away from neighbouring properties, presenting the opportunity to create a design that is unique & exciting.
The client set us the challenge of delivering their dream home; a residence in the style of a classic rural barn but with all the modern comforts of expansive open-plan areas, high-quality fixtures and an entrance that delivers a 'wow' factor.
With rolling fields in every direction, the early emphasis was to make the most of the surrounding landscape by framing views, & in return, allowing natural light into the building. The materials palette has also been inspired by the location, combining oak & Kent ragstone celebrating traditional craftmanship that is found throughout the South-East.
Beyond the visual appearance of the building, time and consideration went into creating an efficient and sustainable building. With this, we used a timber frame structure that embodies carbon, embodied a 'fabric first' approach to creating a super-insulated envelope, as well as using wastewater treatment units and rainwater harvesting tanks.

This project is best described as a hybrid; using the form of a traditional rural barn built from classic materials used for centuries combined with modern technologies and sustainable principles to deliver a home suited to the needs of today.

2004 The Granary WIP Hand Crafted Oak Trusses.jpg
2004 The Granary Site Panoramics
2004 The Granary First Sketch
2004 The Granary Hand Sketches
2004 The Granary Initial Ideas
2004 The Granary Planning Proposals
2004 The Granary Section Mood Board
2004 The Granary WIP Perspective
2004 The Granary WIP Ragstone
2004 The Granary WIP Entrance Hall
2004 The Granary WIP Oak Staircase Being Constructed
2004 The Granary WIP Transept
2004 The Granary WIP Oak Trusses
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