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Treefield Farm

Renovation and restoration of a farm located in Devon consisting of a traditional farmhouse and working outbuildings deep in history and charm - Concept Stage


We were approached to redesign the main house and convert the three accompanying outbuildings into a holiday let, contemporary family kitchen, and sunken garden.

Close to 400 years old, the house has lots of beautiful original features that we are determined to restore and celebrate! Not many houses have the remains of a blacksmiths furnace, handmade sheep troughs, an oak manger, and a water well. Each building has a different personality and is a great example of the resourcefulness found on traditional farms, using stone, oak, timber, and Straw Cob walls.

Having progressed through the concept stage, unfortunately, the project was shelved and not realised. An example of how not every design makes it off our desk and into reality.

Treefield Farm Devon Picture Window
Devon Treefield Farm Proposal
Treefield Farm Entrance
Devon Farm Courtyard
Treefield Farm Buttress
Treefield Farm Log Store
Treefield Farm Garden
Treefield Farm Hen
Treefield Farm Shippon
Treefield Farm Terrace
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