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At our core is a practical and personal approach to design, delivering value to our clients with a strong belief that good architecture should be accessible to all.

We tailor our service to our clients' needs and experience, simplifying the process for those appointing an architect for the first time, and continuing to build relationships with our returning clients and consultants.

Drawing on our experience of working across the South-East, we have formed a diverse network of professionals whom we can recommend, including structural engineers, landscape designers, and contractors.


With experience working across Kent, we have formed relationships with various local authorities and have knowledge of working with properties within conservation areas as well as listed buildings of varying age and prestige.

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James Rich
BA'Hons, M'Arch, PDAP, ARB, RIBA

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Believing that good design should be accessible to everyone, JRD was established in 2018 with the mission of providing a professional and affordable service to help people achieve their dream homes. James is a RIBA chartered architect with experience in over 100 projects across the UK, ranging from small extensions to luxury homes, with a broad understanding of the design process from start to finish.

"Every project presents its own unique challenges, giving us the task of identifying opportunities to create something engaging and distinctive. From the biggest challenges come the richest rewards!"

Profile of James Rich, Director of JRD


With every project being unique, we tailor our service to suit your needs. We can provide a full service, assisting you from concept to completion. We can provide a refined service, focused on helping you develop a design before taking it through the planning and building control process. And for more unique projects, we can provide a completely bespoke service.


With this in mind, below is a list of some of the services we can provide to demonstrate the journey of a project from start to finish. Please keep in mind that not every stage is relevant to all projects.


We will visit you for an initial consultation meeting to discuss the property, what you are looking to do, and what service we can provide that would best suit your needs.


For potentially contentious projects, outline planning (pre-application) offers an opportunity to discuss a proposal with a planning officer prior to submitting a full application.


We compile, submit, and manage a Building Regulation application, a technical drawing pack addressing how the building complies with statutory



During the Construction Phase, we will visit the site on a regular basis checking the works correspond with the approved drawings, as well as advising you and reviewing consultant information.


We will conduct a measured survey to accurately plot the existing property in relation to its boundaries and surroundings, forming the basis of all future proposals.


Once a design has been agreed, we will compile and submit a Planning Application to the local authority, managing the process throughout to determination.


Additional information is added to the drawings, including construction details, schedules, and finishes, which are used to obtain an accurate quote.


We offer 3D visualizations to give you an early opportunity to see a design in greater definition, as well as sun-path analysis to see how sunlight affects a building throughout the year.


The feasibility stage explores the potential of a site while developing a design that meets your needs and objectives.


For more complex proposals, an approval may be granted with conditions, therefore, we can collect and compile any outstanding information and submit a clearing of conditions application on your behalf.


Tender Action and Analysis involves the identification of potential contractors, inviting them to quote, and analying returns to select a successful bid.


If you are looking to purchase a property or site and want to gain a better idea of what might be possible, or have already started the design process and would like to consider your options, we can advise you.

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