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Who are the ARB & RIBA?

RIBA signboard for JRD Kent Architects
JRD Kent, RIBA Chartered Practice

You may not have heard of them but you have probably benefited from their work.

The ARB (Architects Registration Board) are an independent statutory regulator who manage the profession of Architects in the UK ensuring standards are maintained by protecting the title ‘Architect’, & in turn protecting clients.

What does this mean? Only those who can prove they have the required qualifications & experience are granted permission by the ARB to practice as ‘Architects’ & use the title.

How do the ARB prevent people using the title ‘Architect’ without permission? It is a criminal offence for anyone to offer services as an Architect if they are not registered to do so; & if found guilty, may face a fine or jail time.

How can I check if someone is a registered Architect? The register of Architects is maintained by the ARB & made available to the public online.

The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) are a chartered body separate from the ARB, & membership to the institution is not compulsory for Architects; however in becoming a chartered member or practice, Architects demonstrate they are committed to continuing their professional development & meet the high standards of the organisation.

How have the RIBA improved the practice of Architecture for clients? The Royal Institute of British Architects provide various guides accessible to clients about engaging an Architect, terms of appointment for Architects, & the clients responsibilities throughout the design/build process.

By maintaining a high standard of education, enforcing a professional code of conduct, & educating the public on the role of Architects, the ARB & RIBA ensure the use of the title ‘Architect’ is protected & reserved for those who have the necessary qualifications & experience to provide a professional service that gives clients peace of mind.

If you have any questions about what Architects do and how they can bring value to your project, feel free to get in touch and say hi! We are always happy to help.


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