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Move or Improve?

If you have ever wished you had more space, you would not be alone! But what to do. Do you pack up and move? or do you stay put and improve?

For many people, the deciding factor will be their budget. Moving house can be expensive with legal fees, moving costs, & the stress of uncertainty when being involved in a chain. That being said, if you are seeking to reduce your commute or better schools, moving may be the best option. But what if you wish to remain in the same location or have grown fond of your current home?

According to research by TSB Bank, two in five homeowners would prefer to extend their property than move home. This number has increased partly due to the extended ‘Permitted Development Rights’ preventing the need for planning approval in some instances. For more information on what's possible through permitted development, take a look at our earlier blog post | Permitted Development

Extending your property allows you to stay in your home, prevents stress caused by re-locating, & can add value to your house whilst creating the additional space needed. With several options, you can extend your property in many ways;

Single Storey Rear Extensions are a popular option, creating additional space as well as an opportunity for open-plan living whilst taking advantage of Permitted Development Rights reducing the need for planning approval in some instances.

Two Storey Extensions are more costly but can have a significant impact on your home, creating the opportunity to fit an additional bedroom or bathroom in as well. Two-story extensions present challenges in adjusting the circulation of your home as well as connecting into the existing roof, which should be considered at an early stage.

Loft Conversions are considered the simplest way of creating extra space such as an additional bedroom or office but do consider the room required for a new set of stairs into the loft.

It is worth speaking with an Architect at an early stage, as decisions made during the design process can have significant impacts on costs during the construction phase. This is opposed to employing a builder to do the design on the fly when problems are costly to fix. A well-considered extension can improve your quality of life, enhance the rest of the home, & add value to your property; something that is growing increasingly valuable;

‘Good design, layout & functionality of homes is increasingly important, home buyers want the space but tasteful extensions & the modern open plan living areas offered by extensions’, says James Ginley, Technical Director of Legal & General surveying services.

If you are looking to stay put and improve, and want to discuss your options, get in touch with us today & we would be happy to help.


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