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Make your bathroom more sustainable with these energy saving suggestions

The bathroom is a place to de-stress & unwind, but high water bills are far from relaxing, so what can you do to reduce your water consumption without running your funds dry?

It is commonly thought that introducing sustainability into the home is expensive, however, the price of energy-efficient products has reduced significantly, & by reducing energy consumption in turn reduces bills.

The pressure for homeowners to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle need not be daunting. Going eco in the bathroom can be achieved by making small changes that do not require discarding your old fixtures for new. Here are some ways you can embrace sustainability without breaking the bank;

Sketch of ECo Bathroom

- LED lighting is a great way to make a feature, run around the surround of a mirror, along the bath panel, or concealed around the ceiling; they are a way of reducing electricity consumption lasting far longer than conventional light bulbs whilst making a design statement.

- Extractor fans are needed in all bathrooms, so why not choose a low energy one that runs on a humidity sensor instead of running all the time, or not at all.

- Low Flow toilets with duel flushes are a great example, significantly lowering the amount of water required per flush reducing wastage.

- Shallow bath profiles are a way of reducing your water consumption which, in some cases, can be as much as half a year. This does not mean you are sat in a puddle! but instead encourages you not to overfill a deep bath due to your visual perception of it being 'full up'.

- Water-saving showers can be achieved as simple as changing your shower head for one that helps moderate the flow of water without making your power shower go limp.

- Choosing bathroom products made from recycled materials over conventional items is a way to embrace sustainability. For guidance on what products are worth looking into, check the the ISO accreditations & standards from regulatory bodies such as BRE.

- Sustainable flooring is a prime example of how going eco doesn’t mean being boring! Materials such as sustainable wood or cork are great examples with plenty of choices whilst being functional, dealing with moisture as well as being warm under-foot. Contrary to belief, sustainable flooring is hard-wearing with cork being impermeable to water once treated.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or looking to make small changes, hopefully, these ideas will help inspire you to take your own steps towards creating a more functional & sustainable bathroom whilst adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle that is kind to your wallet.


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